hey what is up this is Richard mangry old gamer if you would like to see more videos like this random gameplays on roblox make sure to subscribe at England at notification mill now when you can get notified when I do upload or I started livestream all my videos and my live streams I shout out all the players if you want to come in or have fun with the maenge real gamer just cut up and have a good time and have your name shout out through the live stream chat or the game play itself come on joy it'd be awesome just follow me on roblox under mangry holy and I look forward to seeing you so stay tuned and we are going you know what's up this is Richard the mangry oh gamer alright so I was gonna do a Greenville beta shout out but I already had my controller and everything set up and I didn't hit transitions so here I am here's the other Here I am well the camera is still set up on her that's weird I thought it took it off okay I guess I still had everything set up I was like okay I don't want to hook everything so I thought we'll do a quick couple jobs with some mods so we'll start up my steam and get our truckin a simulator game going and we'll see how the mods work out so we have uh in my live stream check ups it's wrong window oh my gosh alright we gots Liz we got Liz right there so go substitute we got a serial place ace zero plays roblox what's up and oh there's mr.

Sam Fox to YouTube 2002 what's up Sammy alright so we were gonna start up my Steam and I got to work tonight and tomorrow night now I'm off Monday Tuesday but so this could be has to be a quick livestream I always say about 15-20 minutes probably gonna do about 40 which is okay I know i-i've got two oversized mod but I have to buy the trailers and stuff and I've got too many loans and everything out at the moment so I have to use a mod to get some extra money and XP what is all this stuff oh my gosh hot dark I have to get some mods on there to get some extra money XP so I could buy those trailers because those I believe are contracted jobs it's not too quick ready play ones you missed the 24 hour livestream I probably won't do that again well we're only gonna do 12 hours at the most 6 to 12 hour live streams after after that one did not work out too well and YouTube says it's still processing the video it's still processing but I had to put it on private it's not coming up oh I have to use my own trailer oh yeah so that's what I've got to do is get enough money so I can pay off the loans oh I messed up I didn't want to come in here yet we have to go back out we gotta find a mouse first and then I can add 2 mods as we go through so ok if you're in your American Truck Simulator somebody asked me last night how you do this you scroll down and you want to go into the workshop so we want to browse the workshop for this game click on browse and scroll down just a little bit where it says none specified we're gonna click on that and we're gonna look for game economy there are 64 mods for that but kind of be careful with these like this one here two times the bank loan it has not been rated at all either that it's for either it's horrible or nobody it's too new to be out and I don't want to take a chance of it messing up my game fast XP no oh 10 times the cash for cargo and that's actually rated kind of high there ooh XP cheats we're gonna look at ten times the cargo the cash oh my god we got a million bucks for a load are you serious subscribe additional required items blahdy blahdy blah yeah yeah whatever okay so we got that mod there we need to go back after you subscribe back to your main page two times three times there we go scroll up and let's play and then when we get in then we can load our mods in through the mod and manager yeah twelve skit now it's funny the last time I'd the first time I did a 12 hour livestream to test it I had over a hundred hours 130 hours watch time total when I did two 12-hour life or 24 hour livestream 146 hours it wasn't horrible plus YouTube's messing it up they can't get it to work right so I won't do another 12 or 24 if I did it'd probably be a recording so I knew it was uploading but it'd probably take a couple days to do that alright so we want to go new mods founded we're gonna go into our mod manager there's 10,000 xpd I want to take that out so you hit the arrow pointing out and we got tears to ten times the cache click on once click on the arrow to add it and confirm the changes at the bottom and continue the game whoops and am a great boss as to what I had to say so I don't know what these other saves are nice okay so I want to continue wait yeah I hope I get like a billion bucks for delivery just a couple of minutes away and we'll take it I'm gonna look for the shortest route just the quickest route to see how much cash I'll get on these there's a mod where you don't need a trailer I'll use some trailers okay oh you got a good Mountain Manor you can make this line three to five hours please today I can't we might be able to maybe do that Monday we might do a six-hour Drive time because I know one of the loads is gonna take these six hours and that's the one I have right here which I'm gonna cancel I'm probably gonna get hit pretty hard on that but abandoned this delivery look at that that would have taken me two days to get up it may be actually probably about five hours non-stop but I'm not sitting this chair driving and somebody for five hours all right let's go look at the job market and see what kind of money I can get on equipped up what Willie got half a million dollars what to deliver a whole oh that's oh yeah no we're not going there all right night now Oh God you're 1 million bucks where I going with this whoa are you serious froze oh my god 246,000 where's that gonna whoa look at that wait so which one do i get to yellow water though that's like how 98,000 or 246,000 I'm not sure oh I get $98,000 am i oh holy goodness oh my goodness okay let's find a small route I think the Wonder right here that's the best it's only gonna take me about three minutes to get there let's do that I could pay off my loan so I can buy a bunch of trailers upgrade my business hire a bunch of people and then I won't use them more months this is so I can use the damad the oversized load mud so I'm excited about trying to have oh oh oh no I'm not sure if I saw your message Sam not sure all right let me get this oh oh it did start oh gosh wait is this where I got to clicking oh no it's good all those shifter is messed up again all right lights are on we're only going about 2 blocks what do I have on my god this thing again I do have a trailer okay let's get out of here I don't know where oh yeah I think I know I like to farm I must be delivering to the store wait do I actually still have the trick wait wait I don't have the trailer do I what the heck what why didn't it let me connect what the heck why didn't they connect all that's right that credit can wait that was a different one though I don't know why it did that that was weird I hope that's not a glitch well make sure you don't drive like crazy dude just back it out what's up for that dang truck that's trucks elevator this is my new truck idling uh I got I don't know what I'm doing I only have a trailer backed up in okay damn it back up I only have a trailer run this again I came in back it up correctly I should probably use my you know I don't use my mirrors all right here we go oh yeah I'm right on it I'm right on it boys Wow there we go Teek it all right now it's connected now let's get out of here with this and go down the street there we go got oh did I hit something are you serious right now it's I'm hitting on that stray little that trailer right there there we go there we go it's time to go get a million bucks browse our 207,000 a couple of these small loads and I could pay off my loan and buy a bunch of stuff and buy a killer truck oh I could buy that real nice truck oh my gosh oh all right we got whoops all right on the road again so this is just quick just give me some money so I can pay off my loans and buy some awesome equipment and then I'll never cheat again I promise do I have merch not yet once my channel gets certified I'll be able to do merch if I did merch it would have to come out of my pocket and it would I would have to pay I would have to have the overhead which the problem is I don't know why but sending something to England or UK is expensive from the United States if I want to sand it a small pair of headphones – like the UK it would cost me close to 80 to 130 dollars to send it unless I had a special setup with something it's easier just to have a company that's willing to make the merch for me and me sell it for them but I won't get that until I actually become certified so there's no merch yet it's close I am very close to being certified once we do that I will make some merch I do have some cool sunglasses I have mangry gamer written on them that's pretty neat I warm once I have a shirt summer this is one manga gamer but I have to change all that because I changed the name to mangry old gamer maybe I'll put an old dudes face on her with manga real gamer on hey I would probably have to be on the back of this shirt though you know I'm not even stopping I got to get this delivered and so we'll just do a couple of quick runs oh my gosh Sammy I can't read novels did you play American Truck Simulator multiplayer oh I I do have that mod I just haven't hooked it up yet I'm gonna need some players for my family right now cuz we received a cholera for saying he was hit by another truck Arkansas pretty close to you Makery Oh Arkansas was a little far off for me a couple states away uh hold on a second give me a second I gotta finish rereading that oh praise I thought you said players all right yeah everybody send Sammy some prayers for his brother he got hit in a hit by a vehicle yesterday was he on the freeway whatever I say he was hit by another truck okay yeah so prayers going out to Sammy and his brother and his family speedy recovery for his brother yeah sorry about that room well so let's give some mangry prayers whoops oh I need my right side I can't see a thing to it oh I thought I'd missed my turn yeah so lets prayer that as brother heals up quickly and everything goes well give Sammy and his brother and his family some angry love should I just go yeah here we go you people aren't good nowhere whoa oh gosh I almost took that away I'm turning in here honey okay I wish should I'd not even just take the XP I don't think I really need it because I heard to use that mod to cheat with that so we're just gonna drop it off maybe just pulled in forward let's see what it is to pull it in forward fifteen XP yeah we're not doing that we'll just say sorry I'm in a hurry skip that and let's see how much money I get hundred eighty-seven two hundred forty six thousand bucks I didn't get in the XP but I'm already at level 31 I'm rich bros let's see how much money I got I got 240 mm oh my god I could play oh man I look at repay ya you better believe it repay ya boy pay it off I got 50 thousand left all right we need one more quick run and let's see how my other drivers doing right now driver manager God he's not doing so well okay I mean he's new but Wow I need to find him some high-value cargo let's do that because he's not doing so well on the other stuff he's only making $423 a night I'm $64 a mile east $4 hop on giving it alright we're gonna take another twitch op very quick very quick it was this with 9000 943 .

thousand dollars oh my gosh dude that's it oh wait is that it construction house oh my god there it is right there wait construction houses wait what is that oversized load are you serious right now whoa all right dudes we're gonna take this one it's probably only gonna take us a about 15 minutes to do this let's check this out this can't be the mod I don't have it loaded current job construction houses what am i delivering a house to Bakersfield okay let's see what this looks like oh no where's my mirrors here we go even if it's not what I want wait what is going on here well it's going on here oh that's not a construction house well all right we need to connect all right why aren't they being connected they're supposed to be quick jobs I don't know how to get out of here oh yeah yeah all right it's getting lights on let's get our brights on there we go go ahead just let's go ahead and get this delivered that's almost 100 or 1 million I think it was a hundred and forty seven thousand so I'll definitely I should be well not really but I should be close to a mil very close so that oh this should give me about nine hundred and something thousand dollars I forget exactly how much this job was but I have fifty thousand in the bank right now hope nobody's coming but that's all right if I deem is a truck I can afford to pay for it really yeah I ain't stopping for nobody go ahead and hit me I can afford to pay for damages well that was close Oh your brother he was on a car okay I will kick you wait what Lenora says what I'm will kick you okay why are you gonna kick somebody also it said hi Chris because serious motorcycle crash a couple years ago he's alright now pray for him Sam he was on a call with the tow truck oh yeah I have a cousin who's a tow truck operator and he hauls the big trucks like this on my trucks and yeah people don't pay attention to them yeah it's a portable office I pick it up but it's not really a house but hey I'm not complaining cuz I'm getting close to million bucks for this delivery hello buh-buh-buh-buh ha Boca Boca what's up oh you're playing Greenville I know I was going to but I had everything already hooked up from last night's dream or yesterday's dream last night there was yesterday yesterday's yesterday morning stream so I thought I wouldn't hurt it and get it here so I can get some money cuz I got to get my loans paid off okay I got a hurry before the Greek blight stay green stay green stay green I don't want a ticket yeah I made it okay we have oh yeah about 20 minutes to go but I'm happy with that cuz that's close to a million bucks I can buy me a killer truck after I pay off my loan Burroughs and I can hire some more drivers I'm just gonna see I just buy all the same truck a killer truck off Touche let me show you the truck I want to get well now I better deliver this first I might mess up my load let's deliver this I know I was good I'll do a Greenville beta shout out either I wake up this afternoon about one or two and I'll do a quick 15-20 minute before I go go back to take a nap before I go to work and we'll try to get one this afternoon but I can't make any promises once I fall asleep I'll I'll be out oh yeah maybe a little bit of the last name but I don't know if that was intentional Oh God sorry excuse me maybe the first couple letters of that might be sounding that way but the whole thing put together is it doesn't sound that way just the first couple letters could be as for his actual name what's up hey I'm getting close to that curb all right we're everywhere we where they getting or 210 miles to go rose I'm definitely gonna have to put this I did that last night let's fix that my steering is a little too loose we're steering steering steering steering steering here it is oh yeah there's a little too high let's go bout right there right there browse and drive hey ghoul trooper oh wait look at 847 840,000 and I got 50 so that'll give me a hundred and ninety thousand when I'm done with this load because I have fifty thousand in the bank right now and then I know one hundred thousand for the loan which will give me seven hundred and what I say ninety thousand yeah that's plenty plenty hey oh my gosh I can hire a bunch of people and buy a bunch of cool trucks me I'm set to rock and roll alright just gotta hurry and get this load done so I can get that money and go buy some trucks well I got up to upgrade my garage first I think I can have up to six drivers so we'll get the drivers little hires some drivers whoa okay go crash Maggie definitely go too fast too fast slow down oh god I was like what the heck is that I forgot I had my SmartWatch on I was like what is that I thought it was sirens in the game that was freaking me out I was like is that a cop I turned that stuff off sorry if it freaked you out with that hopefully it wasn't too loud that freaked me out I had two headphones on I couldn't tell I was like is that in the game I turned that stuff off the cops aren't supposed to chase me these headphones are have what he caught nose cancellation so I can barely hear anything else outside the headphones and I can barely hear that even though it's super loud oh I got a hurry get up here cuz I'm getting ready to oh no can mangry make it oh dear God I don't know if maker he's gonna make that oh okay if I cut that guy off I will there we go no problemo bros I made it hey what do we do if roblox account was banned for no reason they threatened to ban me before but woah yeah they're not just gonna ban my account not unless I do something seriously wrong and they won't do that whoops oops oops I mean they threatened to do that because of the shirt I made that says one mangry gamer they said it was an inappropriate so and they threatened to ban me and I complained I got him on emails I said you need to stop using your BOTS and if you got an issue you need to look at it with a real-life person and make sure this is fine and they said all it is fine it's like well it should have been fine the first time I've chewed roblox out a few times but they're not gonna ban me for no reason they don't do that I mean I spend a lot of money and roblox through roebucks that I put back out into developers games and so forth so yeah they're not going to be banning me for another reason and you know I'm sure somebody could call you know somebody can send them a message say hey this happened this happened but they investigate that stuff so yeah that's not gonna happen well done oh no they had been used tubers I remember one youtuber a big youtuber that got banned for giving out robux and the thing is that's why I stopped doing it well I talked to him in the emails and actually gave me permission to have contests to give out robots but here's the issue these youtubers you cannot use a third party app besides robots so what that means is let me stop just for a second explain this it's kind of hard to understand so you have room roblox you have YouTube you have twitter you have all these other media sites you cannot advertise anything relating to roblox on another media site notes considered third-party you cannot do it it's banned bull it's available offense and it even sees it says that in their agreement that you click on when you apply for a roblox account so if you break that they will ban and I've known a lot of youtubers getting banned because they're giving away robots through Twitter or YouTube you can't do that it's considered a third party because they're not affiliated with roblox it's third party so yeah youtubers have gotten fans for doing stuff like that you can't give out like gift cards or you can't give out roblox cards so though that's really about my headphones yeah you can't give out rope rope bucks you can't do any of that now I did have like a two or three-week conversation with him back and forth on emails until finally I said yes you could do it this way so the only way you could give out roebucks or anything relating to roblox is through a group and these people that got banned weren't using a group they didn't have a group set up but they were still giving robux up you can't do that yeah you can get banned so is that basically what you're referring to youtubers getting banned for doing stuff like that giving away gift cards you can't even give away a gift card you're not supposed to have contests giving away codes or gift cards and less roblox gave you a permission to do that and the only way you can really do that is if the persons in your group so I mean a zero is that pretty much what you were getting at because that's the only thing that I know that youtubers have gotten banned up from roblox for is not following the policy regarding using third-party sites to give away roblox items so you can't do it so I was in the emails with him for like two almost three weeks and I was like okay my question is this can I do this and that and then they'd send me some kind of vague thing you know it didn't give me a description exactly I was like that's not what I asked you I said is this a person or a bot setting minused finally they replied in person I said this is my question please don't send me that that's not what I'm asking and then finally they were like yes yes you could do this blood 11 a youtuber got banned for being online too much I don't think that was the case no that wasn't the case somebody may have told you that they probably got banned for something they were maybe embarrassed to tell you about it but believe me they didn't get banned for being on roblox too much oh you got your sister back that's awesome but yeah I guarantee you they did not get banned for being on roblox too much I guarantee it they got banned for something else but they're too embarrassed to say exactly what the reason was it said on the reason on the page yeah I would I don't know I would actually have to see where they sent something like that for yeah believe me it was for something else roblox isn't gonna ban you from using theirs okay so here's the thing roblox that's how they make the money guys you're on their platform they're making money when you're playing video games if you spend room robux they're getting a percentage of that money back they're making money so they're not gonna be like yeah just get rid of the guy we don't care about making money on our system yeah they do care about making money because they got to pay off their developers they have to pay off their marketing their advertiser or that stuff they need money coming in the system they're not just gonna ban somebody for being on there too much they're probably thinking oh this is cool this guy's on our system Allah he's gonna bring more attention to our system now if they're under cussing and swearing and actin stupid they're probably gonna get banned but yeah I guarantee you they did not get banned for playing too much well they kind of do well they care more about your developers because the developers are also bringing in new blood I guess you could say you got to think of it as a business point of view they're there to make money if they weren't there to make money there would be no platform for you to play on because they couldn't afford to keep it running it all plays hand-in-hand and believe me they're like oh yeah yeah we got to get this guy on her as much as we can now if this guy was on there being silly and saying bad words or calling little kids really bad things then yeah they're gonna get banned it was probably for something other than being online too much unless they were on a lot and they weren't following policy or their agreements so they're probably cussing or swearing or something silly um that preemie has not come here yet I don't know when it's gonna come me and Hunter we're talking about the other day it's being planned but it's it isn't here yet so that would yeah I would have to think about that I had the outrageous Builder Club and the reason I got that was for the Devex set up but then right after I joined it they took the forms down that kind of bothered me a little bit but that's alright alright if yes it is in the UK it started about two or three weeks ago two weeks ago I believe all right let's jump in back in here I gotta get this going I'm sorry I just want to explain it I've been in management for 15 to 20 years before I started in security so I know a little bit about the business a little bit they've got advertisers they got developers they got so much going on they want as many people as they can get into that platform because that's how they make the money they got to pay off the people so they're not just gonna keep people for the heck of it because that would be throwing money away and a big company like Roblin robots is not gonna throw money away unless somebody does something wrong that they were not supposed to do now if somebody showed you something that said I was banned from roblox for all right let me show you something here okay I keep jumping up ah thing let me show you this anybody could say this all right let me pick a website right here I'm gonna go to Yahoo News okay so let's go to Yahoo News all right anybody can do a video to say I was kicked off roblox for this reason okay you see all this cool stuff right here now watch I click on this let's go to inspect element what inspect element does is allows you to change anything and you want on your webpage and snap a picture of it but it's only local which means if you refresh it it goes back to the way it was so let's find okay it's up here so let's find so you can find the text like this text here you can find it up through here and you can usually change something I'm not sure exactly or you can change a picture let's do this let's see if I can do this I delete oh wow yeah okay deleted that one let's do this how do we edit it's been a while since I messed around with this whoops let's just get rid of this here see if I'll take the picture out oh it made it huge oh my God look at all that that's goofy but you can actually change the text you can make it say whatever you want that's where if you see some people saying I got a billion robots so let me do that roblox I can expect element for my 1272 roebucks please don't ask me to give you robux because that's for the developers so let's go up and let's bring this over a little where is it okay so 1272 is right there so what you got to do is you got to search for that 1272 once you find that you could change it to whatever number you want you can change the value and I can make it say 1 billion robux so I could make that you never believe everything you read online like I said roblox is not gonna ban you for the heck of it they're not gonna do that I guarantee you they're not all right sorry about that I'm just I was showing you inspect element I'm not sure if than anybody but a lot of people will do inspect element take pictures or a video of that as clickbait and I don't clickbait and then all three with that but people will do that as quick bait to be like look I got banned for robots for this reason and they'll show you a snippet or a picture some and yeah it's just clickbait that's all it is they didn't get banned for that Oh No okay a lot of people don't know about respect element I'll just letting you know that yeah you can click they anybody with inspect element you could say look at this email I got you get or the the message I got from roadblocks because roblox will send you a browser type of Diana warning it doesn't always come to your emails and you can expect the element you can change it you can edit it to make it sound more crazy maybe they got banned for hacking and they're too embarrassed and they don't want to tell people they were hacking and look like a jerk so there's okay I'll just make rube Lex look really like to really mean guys here and say they kicked me for for this reason roblox ain't gonna do that like they wouldn't kick be for just for being on roblox they're not gonna do it not unless I'm doing something seriously wrong which I don't do I don't hack I don't do any the bad thing so I don't have anything to worry about and I've actually like I said I'd I get an e mails with roblox alive the last time I was in emails with them was about somebody kept trying to hack my account and every day every single day they were sending me emails that said hey you're attempting to change your password and I was getting mad about that so I finally got ahold of somebody and I said here's the thing why in god's name would I keep trying to change my email secondly aren't you investigating this to find out what IP addresses says if I'm logging in from my account normally with a certain IP address and you have a separate different IP address constantly trying to reset my passwords don't you think that's an issue and you should protect my privacy in my account by looking into it and after that it never happened again they don't send me emails about that and they did send something about Oh God finding out who was doing it or something I can't remember so yeah I'm always I'm always on them about emails about something if I'm upset about saying you know I mean I spend money on their system yeah I'm the consumer I need to be taken care of but I don't hack I don't do anything wrong but if I see that they're doing something that I don't agree with I'm gonna let them know I'm gonna be nice about it I'm gonna be like look I'm a consumer I'm a paying consumer you need to protect my account and stop sending me these emails every single day and investigate what's going on and protect me and they have what's it a great while we get something but yeah they're keeping up on that well yeah I probably drive him crazy because I do sent him a lot of emails and I don't actually yeah the second to the last email was about the second last email was about request an update to the system which they're gonna be doing in their future I don't know if it's gonna be near or when but it'd be nice when they do and I talked about that in a couple last dream so if you want to go check that out watch my last videos dude what are you doing go this you you butt hugger what are you doing we don't have time we'll have time for this I just got to go bro thank you bye she got a flat tire is it sitting there that's just wonderful Oh playing the guitar while watching the stream oh that's awesome oh that reminds me actually present should I get some music in here okey the the sound is a little loud hold on that whoops okay turn that down a little bit let's get into my radio okay look at all my songs Bros there we go and these are all non copyrighted look at that NCS not copyrighted releases that I got the license to do that well yeah so I got ahold of the company and they gave me permission and they're cool that's awesome I'm on the run nice road-tripping songs here you guys like my singing yeah there's there's like five or six different songs and here's some good ones I shouldn't play the drums while I'm driving huh I'll crash all right what do we got eight minutes to grow it grow eight minutes to go and I get a million bucks I'll be it silly okay I'm tired I get really silly I'm tired it's kind of like techno I like techno whoo whoa watch out driver bang grease coming through yeah buddy what's gonna pass this guy up in the back oh I better not do that I'm being silly I'll crash my truck as how was that music is it too loud it's live in my headset so that's why I'm yelling at you man I'm close to those guardrails that scares me alright we have five minutes to go we're getting close we should be seeing our off ramps and I think that's it coming no it's getting close though getting close Bros and I don't think I'm gonna back this one up either cuz I won't get any exFAT just worried about some money what's this I better not do that well Jack of it through whoo whoa whoa whoa sorry I cut them off watch this whew wrong side of the road and no driver oh I gotta get off up here too though nice is that it must think no way what is that looks like a Mustang Oh take it down just a little bit okay one moment please that is kind of loud okay let's go right there yeah turn mine down a little bit to you that way I'm not screaming at you guys see how that works it's still kinda loud of it alright let's try that let's try that browse how's that all right we're almost there three minutes raise hamburgers whoo drive-through oh that place looks yeah why wouldn't your hamburger they're athletes ill well it gives us not too bad what's kind of dirty uh I don't know nineteen I said heck yeah double cheeseburger $0.

99 are you serious I'm go in there I need a double cheeseburger for $0.99 that's actually a really good deal but that's just a bun in the meat no condiments dry bun bun and me that's all you get oh yeah they did say cheese didn't they okay cheese on that that's nice wait it's gonna play the next song I don't know if it's set up to play the next song or not ah I hope I don't have to go through the radio stations to do this I wonder if there's a way is a shuffle okay so let's go to the next one okay I think this is shuffle so it should play random or Oh cliffs is pretty good I just gained that go there you go well this that one I like techno okay don't judge dope judge me all right Oh am i doing okay we're going I gotta hurry and get there they're gonna get mad 28 miles two minutes ago almost three okay it's better now all right I don't think there's any vocals to this one but I like to beat don't judge me okay I like techno it's kind of technician wait I'll Sam says here you're a doctor no nope I do work at the hospital though I see some pretty gory stuff but no I'm not a doctor doctor mangry call a doctor man grey scab ooh ha ha they wouldn't let me dude have you seen me driving a truck in simulator they would never like to give me a scalpel they'd be like ah no get that away from take that out of his hand now oh my god slows make up your mind I beat you turn it up a little bit make up your mind ok right there that's it no more okay Oh what time is it 8 o'clock oh my god ok I think what we're gonna do is drop this off we're going to pay off the loan and buy a buttload of truck I know I got to upgrade my shop and then buy some trucks if I got any money left over if I don't maybe I can find another really quick load maybe a really fast like three minute drive although if I did a bunch of three minute jobs that probably would have added up to there because that was 246,000 so what I'm doing now that would have been for three minute jobs which would have been what is it three six I've been 12 minutes total I probably would have make more money doing that we're here yeah we're here kids now get out get out of my truck wee bit I think where's my remote oh it's up here okay I was looking for the green thingy Oh would you know how to help child that wheezes a lot when they breathe is this an all time thing do they have asthma well you're in California probably the smog and you guys still have the fires out there that would probably have to be a doctor visit so they can make sure everything's right okay with the lungs most of the time what did you actually hear a wheezing when she's breathing whoo do we get the back to something I wouldn't even do that what she's sleeping out it could be sleep apnea we're gonna do this one here that could be sleep apnea which is pretty common you would not believe the younger people that come in a hospital because of sleep apnea hey 140 thousand bucks if you have a family doctor does she wake up a lot when she's sleeping like about every hour on an hour maybe every two hours because of the wheezing or just like she'd maybe agitated oh you do have a family doctor okay does she wake up a lot like hour an hour every two hours an hour or something like that every 45 minutes on an hour okay well I mean if you do go for a visit I would just let him know that that when she's sleeping she's you can hear the wheezing they may want to have a sleep study done just to see how she's breathing while he's sleeping it's hard to say now they wanted to test me this is me I mean weird when I talked about how sick I was in the past these symptoms come and go is so weird there's no triggers or nothing but sometimes I jump out of bed just gasping for air I don't know although I was at work one night and we don't know what it was from my throat seized up it's just I was just sitting there talking to somebody it's just closed I could it was like trying to breathe through a straw a really small stir stick and they they rushed me into our trauma room cuz they were really innovate me to get the tube down there to get the air going and as soon as they got me in a room my throat opened up and I was able to breathe and this happened a few times to me I know my my mom used to have something like that and my aunt apparently has something I don't know what it is I think it has something to do with GERD ooh but they don't know why the saath I guess it closes up like that okay anyhow sorry I would have stress okay it's hard to say it could be stressed too it's hard to say it stress will do a lot to your body put on do you have like oh gosh what is that I have my Alexa do you have an Alexa no that's fine don't worry about it I I know what you're saying um sometimes when I go to bed I tell Alexa to place some meditation music and she kicks the meditation on and I just sit back relax and go to sleep and that helps a little bit it's calming music that'll help a lot try that I sleep right through it but they had Alexa for 20 bucks not long ago on Amazon so won't do that is 20 bucks they might the one I got I think I paid $20 for it and it's the little round one so I'm not too bad next time you go through some pizza be like give me my $20 tip man I need an Alexa oh cool there you go yeah look up meditation just calming music or even maybe thunderstorm sound is that you know something like that and see if that helps to relax while she's falling asleep see if that maybe affects a little bit because I I could I could I could probably see where there might be a little stress with her just because of your situation meaning jumping back and forth alright while we're sitting here let's go pay off my loan if I can't pay up and then repay repay repay yeah but look at 791 thousand dollars I was actually 1336 off my calculation I thought it was a seven thousand nine hundred even or seven hundred thousand yeah seven hundred ninety thousand I thought it was gonna be that ninety-one alright so we need to go to my garage and we need to let me select across here this up great baby yes alright how much is the notes oh that's it I don't get to upgrade it and I still have money left Wow I make last seven days I made about 1.

2 million but that's because I have the mod one hundred sixty-eight thousand dollars a day prior oh wait Dave oh my god that's awesome all right let's should we hire some people no I gotta go buy some truck so I need you know he's not making me nothing let's just fire him oops alright sorry dude I gotta get rid of you yes bye bye goodbye sir he wasn't making me much anyhow but what we're going to do is truck manager we're gonna sell all my trucks can I sell them oh yeah we can so we eat all right so there's one truck we're gonna sell the Kenworth sell it yeah boy oh no Makery has no trucks alright so let's go to the bank and see how much money I have I have eight hundred forty-one thousand bucks okay so we need to go truck dealer and let's show you the truck I want to get right here right here you can actually buy a truck online that's crazy yeah honestly that that's possible too they're very acceptable yeah that's possible everybody stresses everybody stresses all right Bros look at the truck I want to get there wait that's not it is it no junk I think it was the 13 one oh look at to this yellow look at the beautiful truck it's mangry strike that's that mangry truck let's see if we gets oh my gosh look at that wait should I buy a whole bunch of these what oh there's a oh yeah oh God how much is that one purchase I could buy all six well close to it oh my god that's beautiful purchase yeah boy thank you for your purchase no none though I want you to buy it now on what are you doing now okay so I'm gonna buy it all I'll probably only be able to about four or five dude I want to buy another freakin truck truck truck truck truck where was it I want to buy another truck with Mike Dillon uh where's truck dealer okay so we're gonna buy another one you say go up one uh see visit dealer yes you're gonna do this each time okay so we're gonna go to the number 10 right there that's the best highest wood bros purchase yes and we're gonna ship it here there we go and oh we want to put it in that slot yes waha no okay thank you for your purchase blahdy blahdy blah oh dude don't make me go through this again oh no wait but I love that truck because it's mang grease colors it it's it's boss look at that oh my gosh I wish I could look inside the cab all right I want to go right back I'll upgrade later when I get another million bucks all right where was the garage yet again where is it vehicle browser where did I go truck dealers there it is we're gonna buy knowin I want to buy all the same front so my trucks will be awesome on the road okay were you saying going right there no no oh that it does look pretty I think I had that one last time oh I love that too look at how aeronite that dynamic that is oh my gosh yeah that one's that one's gonna stink and wind this one is gonna cut through it yeah yeah boy all right purchase does it say I got four hundred eighty five okay so I can buy two more that might be okay we're going to Arizona oh okay I'm gonna have to make one more run so I can buy one more truck I wish it would stop doing this I wonder if I can purchase more than one at a time all right truck dealer let's drive it me nuts visit dealer I can buy two more before I run out of money but I don't think it gives me okay doesn't who that's gonna be close I don't know if I'll be able to get another whoa look at that why is that color diff right I should go down let's look at the bubbles let's take a look at bubbles whoa what Oh God all right so let's go down look at the bubbles or a quick maybe I should have bought them down here I'll just drag my other ones they're selling okay all right we're going to the Volvo dealer jerk oh yeah let's see four have a 47 kilowatt 600 horsepower chunk that one's not too bad all right let me go back and look at the ones I just bought and see what those are rated okay so here's the one Oh God I got a hundred more horsepower with this bad boy the kilowatts are down a little bit but this one kicks butt yeah boy oh no I can't buy this one I don't have enough deck on it I need one more job let's go look at my grudge crotch manager Phoenix oh yeah look at that one more man alright so I'm is it oh my gosh alright I know Bobo yeah and this one here is beefy it's beautiful and it's got like 100 look at that look at that slimline oh that's beautiful I wish there was a way to actually look at oh let's go look at some trailers Wow all right let's see if I can buy the oversized trailer loads well but oh my god three trailers could you imagine seem angry drive that how much is that 1.

7 oh my gosh I'm close to buying it so let's see what else was there oh that was standard wait wait wait wait wait you could I can click follows the standard okay stocks my fleet oh I don't have nothing in my fleet yet okay I don't know I guess there's no way to really oh I don't have that mod loaded that's why Oh plus I can upgrade them hello but it says Ken where is that a Peterbilt oh it's all the different things they can get oh nice I see okay I see this gives you the engine there it's 425 I already got 500 so I don't even know I would do that honestly well side skirts I mean this trucks pretty much already got all that see what that was on the last page the rims I can probably take it oh look at that Oh 33,000 bucks rose I wonder if this will uncle sam's oh yeah let's see if I can actually oh I gotta go this shop to do it I ain't doing that alright well we'll do that in the morning what alright let's say this oh so I need to do one more load and I can buy another truck and upgrade them with the uncle Sammy muggle autumn all that'll be beautiful we have apply Italia alright alright frozen bridge thank you so much for watching this one will take a few minutes and maybe just chat a little bit on this dream so let me close down here cuz I got to go to bed in a few minutes I'm like tired it's 5 a.

m. 5 6 it is what 7 5 15 for you ok oh how you do have some problems to sleep ok yeah I do too I take a little bit of liquid benadryl just a little bit about 12 milligrams a half a little cup oh man he sleeps so good and it's funny because I was talking about waking up gasping for air and stuff and having all those problems the benadryl actually I don't know what it is they cut down on some of the problems like if I pull in my pant leg you can see my muscles twitching and my legs but the benadryl helps that and it cuts back on the muscle spasms I have and waking up gasping for air which is weird it has something to do with your nerves not your mental nerves but your actual physical nerves that are in your body it's like they calm them down or something yeah next time you go get an appointment or set up to see the doctor just maybe mention that they might set up an appointment to have a sleep apnea test done okay hook all this stuff up to you and they check to see how the breathing is and they let it let you know if if there's a sleep apnea problem if it's not that then they can maybe look at stress well it's hard to say yeah I've seen nine year olds coming in with sleep apnea test and I'm like oh my gosh is she overweight at all a little overweight is she a little chubby and they're like the ballerina thing cuz that that could have a problem with sleep apnea sometimes take her outside make her do a bunch of laps around the house I'm kidding you'll be like manga Ruiz told you how to run around the house fifty times now she's pretty skinny okay yeah it's kinda hard to say I would definitely like I said next time if you did go see your doctor or something just kind of mention that or if you have any way to contact your doctors without actually going in for a physical say hey she's kind of wheezing when she sleeps I've noticed that a lot and it is kinda loud what do you what do you think we should do with that she come in for an appointment or can you set us up for a sleep study sometimes they can go ahead and make it a appointment for a sleep study so that way you don't have to pay two co-payments or two visits to the doctor's so it would just be one to go in and then you don't get checked up and they usually take you you know like our Hospital has a sleep apnea area a sleep study area and they go there and they sleep tonight and they they just they monitor to you honestly I know I wouldn't do that maybe ask one of your ask your doctor somebody about that first let him know what kind of mess it is because they wouldn't recommend that that could cause problems because people react different to inhalers so I I wouldn't I wouldn't oh no you're fine and I knew what you're saying yeah I wouldn't take that chance because I could cause problems oh my gosh what is that Dixie kickin that's an awesome name yeah little Dixie chicken that is so cool what's up chicken chicken and we got sue 2fn that's a lot of money wait he's got a lot of money what oh what Oh were you watching part of the life stream when you watch that mantra' who's mantra' who dad who that who that is okay so yeah we just finished the live stream but we're just kind of sitting here chill out usually I take about five minutes and just chat with you guys so that's really cool thank you guys for coming in to the live stream what's up Dixie chicken that's the coolest name I love that have you sucked my channel yet if not click that button right now smack that like button like a boss I'm kidding oh you can string now awesome yeah but yeah don't let her try then handler unless you talk to your doctor somebody about it first because like I said that could cause problems it could cause even more restriction see I would find out about it yeah like say it could cause problems and I don't want you to go through and he issues be like oh my gosh it was my fault so find out first because I hate to see you put yourself to that like I said it could be a simplest dress and you don't want to get medicine that Oh oh you had moving night how did you have to move into a different place Oh movie night okay oh cool nice awesome oh yeah yeah you got a smart TV no – did you get your TV's on the – get your movies on the TV or there's a couple apps that I got wait as Roku's not included on those Smart TVs are they now I have a Roku as well and what did I play I paid $15 for my Roku wasn't bad but I get all kinds of stuff in it I don't pay for anything i watch movies all the time and I don't pay for anything oh you have Netflix I do I do as well I do have Netflix but honestly how I ever watch it there's one app that I watch dadgum what's the name of that app I can't remember yeah I watch YouTube is about it I've watched a lot of doper nope have you seen that series where they buy a lot of stuff online and then they test it it's like 10 products this and that and it's is it a doper nope so that one's actually pretty cool I like those guys and I watched one mangry gamer I'm angry old gamer no I know I'm kidding I used to watch my videos I don't watch them anymore oh I'm not sure everybody wants me to get a snapshot of everything so I got to clean up the room straighten everything up a little bit and get a better picture setup of everything I have so I have to do that soon get a new new new shot some of my tiles fell down I gotta put those back up oh wait I think but you did oh sorry yeah I think you showed me something on discord oh my gosh I'm getting sleepy now all right bruised and bruised all right I love you guys so much sorry about that sorry it's not a long morning I gotta work the three day weekend and I got Monday and Tuesday off so Monday morning we'll be doing okay it's Monday 8:00 p.

m. we're gonna be doing a 12 hour livestream so we're gonna be going 8 to 8 8 p.m. until 8 a.m. so that'll cover a lot of people from in the United States maybe an hour before they have to go to bed some people stamp later and then well beginning into the morning where there's people on the east side east coast or west coast United States they can see a lot of that as well as people in England and UK and all that stuff so oh you said okay cool I'll have to look at that yeah I'll look at that check it out oh I've been up since like 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon says that's getting late it's time for my old grandpa nap right now all right rose and bruised it's mangry time all right I love you guys so much thank you so much again for something if you sucked something's wrong with my stream lads it's not showing up every time somebody sub so if he just recently sub thank you so much don't forget to click that like button like a boss yeah I know I do have to go to bed what else was gonna say sorry oh yeah um on discord everybody was saying oh my gosh banker he's got a sponsor not necessarily I agreed to put a commercial for a new company that's starting down a Kickstarter but I cannot use them as a sponsor because I am still a part I am still partnered with YouTube and that could get me in trouble so I can't accept any money and I can't say there's a sponsor because I can't so I could just do it as a friendly gesture to this new company to hopefully try to get their information out there so it is it's not they're not sponsored but that'll be coming up Monday morning I want to put a little commercial together and have it in my live streams and it'll be used as my break time parts so alright frozen boobs oh yeah the CEO of the company asked me to to see if I do something for him and I told him I would but I have to let them know that that I cannot use them as a sponsor for the video they cannot advertise like that for me or you know what I mean I can't do any of that I could just say this is a friendly gesture I'm doing it to try to help your your new product grow and get a little recognition hopefully it'll get a few things in it alright I love you guys so much thank you for watching I'll see you back tomorrow morning about the same time we will I will try to get up this afternoon for a little bit and do a quick livestream shout out on Greenville beta yeah wait why are these blank hey did I tell eat those by accident no way no I did air spice in here why would that be blank okay they're not like good oh my god yeah I have program set that's called ear spy and I'll show you the guys that one of these days it's for my SDR USB dongle which SDR stands for software-defined radio so I can get basically any radial signal in and listen to it whether be pilots the airport tower all kinds of stuff that's pretty cool or just a basic radio am/fm alright or a ham radio we could eavesdrop on people and see what they're saying alright bros and proves I love you guys and we'll see you in tomorrow's tomorrow morning's video sync time and have a good day I love you guys later peace.